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This week is Brooklyn Pride Week so today we’re talking about some of the issues facing New York’s LGBTQ community.

First up, we’d like to discuss New York State Bill S1379/A2736.

According to

New York State Bill S1379/A2736 would stop police and prosecutors from using possession of condoms as evidence of prostitution. Currently, police and courts can use the fact that a person has or is carrying condoms to prove that they are engaging in prostitution-related offenses.People who are or are profiled as involved in the sex trades report that they are more likely to be arrested if they carry condoms. Police officers regularly confiscate condoms from people they allege are engaged in prostitution to use as evidence against them at trial. District Attorneys routinely refer to the number of condoms a person had on them in criminal court complaints accusing them of engaging in prostitution-related offenses such as “loitering for the purposes of prostitution” (NYPL 240.37)

As a result people are hesitant to carry condoms to protect themselves and others, for fear that it will lead to arrest or be held against them in court. Sound public health policy would encourage condom use by eliminating the fear that carrying a condom will be used against you by police or in a court of law.


The New Civil Rights Movement published an article titled “Special Report: Philippines National Police Undergo LGBT Sensitivity Workshops — Part I.”

The article reads:

Last month, as part of the partnership forged by the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) and LADLAD LGBT Party, members of the Philippines National Police went through LGBT sensitivity training, called “Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights workshops.”

In this two-part series, facilitators of the workshops share their experiences and reflect on the program.


Queerty published an article titled “Evangelical Lutheran Church Makes History, Elects First Openly Gay Bishop.”

The article reads:

In a historic move for the Evangelical Church and religion worldwide, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America announced the election of Rev. Dr. R. Guy Erwin to a six year term [Friday], making him the first-ever openly gay bishop in history. Educated at Yale with a PhD in Lutheran history, Dr. Erwin will serve the Southwest California Synod, which encompasses the greater Los Angeles area.