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" target="_blank">Veterans United Foundation Announces $200,000 Annual Grant to Build Specialized Homes for Severely Injured Veterans.”

The release reads:

Veterans United Foundation, the charitable arm of Veterans United Home Loans, announced the establishment of the Veterans United Home for a Hero grant. The annual $200,000 grant will be awarded to a severely injured veteran to help pay for a portion of a mortgage free home specially built to meet his or her needs.


On May 20th, The Leaf Chronicle published an article titled “Army hopes to give soldiers 48 months at each post.”

The article reads:

Massive budget cuts the Army has been forced to make have hurt soldiers, but here is one budget impact they might like: The average enlisted stateside assignment will be lengthened from 30 months to as long as 48 months.

The minimum standard for time on station under this initiative will be 36 months, said Col. Bob Bennett, Human Resources Command’s director of enlisted personnel management.

The goal is to save money by stretching permanent change-of-station assignments beyond four years.


And finally we have a story from The Independent Record titled “VA official pledges to reduce claims turnaround.”

Sanjay Talwani writes:

For decades, the Veterans Benefits Administration has had a backlog of claims for disabilities and other needs.

Thursday, VA Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs Tommy Sowers visited Helena, meeting with Lt. Gov. John Walsh and staff from the office of U.S. Sen. Jon Tester. He also went to Fort Harrison, where VBA staff have implemented a new electronic claims processing system, moving away from a system that involves stacks of paper several inches high for a single claim.

“We’re moving from that 19th century system to a 21st century system,” he said. “I’m out here to see exactly how it’s working.”

The backlog, he said, has been decades in the making. But VA Secretary Eric Shinseki has vowed to reach, by 2015, a goal of a 125-day turnaround for most claims, down from a typical six-month turnaround over the last 10 years. And right now, it’s a nine-month turnaround, in part because the VA has opened disability benefits to more veterans with a wider range of conditions.

Happy Memorial Day all!