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Today The Washington Post published an article titled “GOP student loan bill moving to House vote.”

The article’s author Nick Anderson writes:

The House is moving toward a vote Thursday on a Republican proposal to allow interest rates on federal student loans to rise and fall from year to year with the government’s cost of borrowing, ending a system in which rates are fixed by law.

The proposal is likely to pass the GOP-led House but faces opposition in the Democratic-controlled Senate and a veto threat from the Obama administration.

The legislation responds to a looming deadline: On July 1, unless the law is changed, rates for a certain type of new loan for undergraduate students in financial need will double to 6.8 percent, from the current 3.4 percent.


Today for our world news segment, we’re pointing you to a photo essay and video from Human Rights Watch.

According to Human Rights Watch:

Many of the 1,429 households resettled to make way for Vale and Rio Tinto’s international coal mining operations in Tete province, Mozambique have faced serious disruptions in their access to food, water, and work. The Mozambican government’s speed in approving mining licenses and inviting billions of dollars in investment has outstripped the creation of adequate safeguards to protect directly affected populations.


Today HuffPost Gay Voices published an AP article titled “Boy Scouts National Leadership To Vote On Whether To Allow Openly Gay Scouts.”

The article reads:

The Boy Scouts of America’s national leadership will vote Thursday on whether to allow openly gay Scouts in its ranks, a critical and emotionally charged moment for one of the nation’s oldest youth organizations and its millions of members.

About 1,400 voting members of BSA’s national council are to cast ballots Thursday on a resolution to end a policy that allows youth Scouts to be excluded based only on sexual orientation. The ban on gay adult leaders would remain in place.