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Yesterday published an article titled “Study Finds People Of Color Nearly Invisible On Evening Cable News.”

The article’s author Jorge Rivas writes:

A new analysis released yesterday by the media monitoring group Media Matters found that evening cable news guests are overwhelmingly white and male. According to the report, titled “Diversity on Evening Cable News in 13 Charts,” women and other people of color are underrepresented as guests on evening cable news programs at MSNBC, CNN and Fox News.

Media Matters examined the guests of thirteen evening cable news shows on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News during the month of April 2013. During that time period, only 33% of MSNBC guests, 29% Fox News guests and 24% CNN guests were female. Latinos fared much worse. Only 3% of Fox News guests and 2% of CNN and MSNBC guests were Latino.


Today Human Rights Watch published an article titled “Kuwait: Draft Law Threatens Free Speech.”

The article reads:

Kuwaiti authorities should amend a proposed new press law that would increase state control of the news media and further curtail the right to free speech. The draft should be revised to protect free speech, consistent with requirements under international law, not curtail it, Human Rights Watch said.


Today The Raw Story published an article titled “LinkedIn’s anti-prostitution policy angers legal Nevada brothel owner.”

The article’s author Arturo Garcia writes:

The recent decision by professional networking site LinkedIn to bar sex workers from posting profiles has led to a disagreement between brothel owners in Nevada, where escorts can legally ply their trade, the Huffington Post reported on Wednesday.

“Are you then going to shut down Steve Wynn’s casino in Vegas, where gambling is legal?” asked Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. “Don’t paint me the same as the people who are doing things illegally.”

LinkedIn, which informed users of the new policy on Monday, now forbids escorts from using the site to look for business, a move Mustang Ranch owner Susan Austin said she supported.

“Advertising is against the state statutes and I wouldn’t allow my ladies to advertise in any form,” Austin said. “Social media is a gray area that turns ugly fast.”