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Yesterday Huff Post Impact published an article titled “Elizabeth Warren’s Student Loan Petition Garners More Than 250,000 Signatures.”

The article’s author Caroline Fairchild writes:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is by no means alone in her belief that the U.S. government should give college students the big-bank treatment.

More than 250,000 members have signed a petition demanding Congress set student loan interest rates at the same level as that offered to big banks by the Federal Reserve, a proposal put forth in Warren’s first-ever Senate bill last week.

Warren herself launched the petition on, a community of more than 8 million Americans focusing on progressive issues. If Congress doesn’t act before July 1, some student loan rates will increase to 6.8 percent from their current 3.4 percent rate. Warren’s bill seeks to limit student loan interest rates to just 0.75 percent.


Today Amnesty International published an article titled “UN ramps up scrutiny of North Korea’s catastrophic human rights record.

The article’s author Evan Ritli writes:

Given North Korea’s catastrophic human rights record it is hardly surprising that the United Nations has established a Commission of Inquiry whilst a Special Rapporteur continues to analyse the country’s human rights situation.

The UN Human Rights Council has established the Commission to investigate “the systematic, widespread and grave violations of human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.” Amnesty International, as a member of the International Coalition to Stop Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea (ICNK) lobbied governments hard to achieve this Commission.


Yesterday Think Progress published an article titled “Soybean Farmer Loses Supreme Court Challenge To Biotech Giant Monsanto.”

The article’s author Nicole Flatow:

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of Monsanto Monday, in a major challenge to the biotech giant’s dominant market share over soybeans. Justice Elena Kagan held in a narrow ruling that farmer Victor “Hugh” Bowman violated Monsanto’s patent over its pervasive herbicide-resistant soybeans when it utilized the common practice of saving seeds from a first growing season and replanting them for a second, without paying Monsanto for the use of its technology every year.