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Yesterday Queerty published an article titled “Porn Star Edin Sol in Violent Gay Bashing, NYC’s 3rd in One Week.”

The article reads:

New York saw its third homophobic attack in one week as two men were savagely beaten Friday night by a group of men near Port Authority.

Though the victims were not identified, a Queerty reader tipped us off that one of the men was Lucas Entertainment model and performer Edin Sol.

“I’m still in recovery after this malevolent attack,” Sol told Queerty. “I can’t get over this situation and the fact it still happens. I feel in shock and unsafe going out anymore until someone does something about it.”


Today Time published a story titled “In Jordan, Women Fight for Full Citizenship Rights.”

The article’s author Salim Essaid writes:

Since 2004 some Arab countries like Egypt have given women full citizenship rights, and others have given partial rights as Saudi Arabia decreed earlier this year. However, Lebanon and Jordan, countries that deal with a large number of refugees from surrounding nations, have not budged.

In Jordan, there have been previous movements to change these citizenship laws, but My Citizenship Is the Right of My Family is the largest to date. The coalition hopes that by granting Jordanian women these citizenship rights, it will trigger a change in other discriminatory legislation that affect women such as marriage laws and laws on honor crimes, and eventually give women full equality in Jordan.


On Friday published an article titled “Detroit’s Fast Food Workers Strike As National Trend Grows.”

The article’s author Seth Freed Wessler writes:

As many as 400 Detroit fast food workers walked off the job Friday in a mass action that mimics similar stikes in three other cities in recent weeks. On Wednesday, dozens of St. Louis fast food workers also went on strike.

As the Nation’s Josh Eidelson reports:

Hundreds of Detroit fast food workers plan to walk off the job beginning at 6 AM today, making the motor city the fourth in five weeks to see such strikes. Organizers expect participants from at least 60 stores, including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Subway, Little Caesar’s, and Popeye’s locations.