Organizing A Third Party Campaign

Premiere DateJun 14, 2016
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00:00 The Daily Beat Intro
01:04 The Daily Beat pt. 1 Zoltan Istvan
03:00 The Daily Beat pt. 2 The struggle to organize a third party campaign
07:00 The Daily Beat pt. 3 Addressing the issues
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This week on the Daily Beat: We speak learn about a prominent third party candidate running for US presidency.

Today on the Daily Beat, Tuesday June 14, 2016: In March 2015, Istvan reported progress in organizing a campaign, and explained his wish to get major candidates to address issues. He hoped to be included in some debates, at least with third parties. He himself had funded nearly all of his campaign’s expenses to date, however, and he noted donations were needed.

Host Lisa Autz
Lisa Autz is a staff writer, as well as Host of The Daily Beat and Co-Host of Third Eye Weekly. Lisa has a background in journalism and economics. She enjoys working on stories that shed light on the…