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Today CNN published an article titled “Criminal probe started in Texas fertilizer plant blast.”

The article’s author Brian Carberry writes:

Texas authorities are launching a criminal investigation into last month’s deadly fertilizer distribution facility explosion in West, Texas, the Texas Department of Public Safety said Friday.

The April 17 fire and explosion at West Fertilizer Co. killed 14 people and devastated the small town of West.

On Monday, the state fire marshal’s office said it ruled out four potential causes: weather, natural causes, anhydrous ammonium, and ammonium nitrate in a rail car.

The fire began in the fertilizer and seed building, but authorities still were trying to figure out the exact spot, the fire marshal’s office said Monday.


Yesterday Huff Post World published an article titled “Kuwait Opens Women’s Sports Clubs.”

The article’s author Hussain Al-Qatari writes:

Muneera al-Shatti has loved playing basketball since she was a child but it wasn’t until Thursday that she had chance to show off her skills at a public arena in Kuwait.

As part of a new initiative launching sports leagues for women, al-Shatti and her teammates from Salwa Al-Sabah club downed Qadsiya club 63-13 in a game that attracted several hundred men and female fans. The initiative to launch basketball, table tennis and athletic leagues for the first time in Kuwait illustrates how the landscape for women athletes is improving across the Persian Gulf where hard-liners have long opposed women playing sports.


Today Queerty published an article titled “STUDY: Being in the Closet Drives You to Be More Successful, More Awful.”

The article reads:

A new study supports the so-called “Best Little Boy in the World” hypothesis, that young, closeted men deflect attention from their sexuality by overcompensating in measured marks of success, such as academics, sports, appearance or employment. Though concealing their sexuality spurs their ambition, it often results in negative health consequences and social isolation, leading to a life of accolades and general stick-in-the-muddedness.