Tracing Ancenstral Fingerprints

Premiere DateOct 13, 2015
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05:40 The Daily Beat pt. 2 Bonding anthropology and fingerprints
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This week on the Daily Beat: We take a look at how different disciplines form bonds to unite and creatively collaborate.

Today on the Daily Beat, Tuesday October 13, 2015: Listen to part 2 of our conversation with professor Ann Ross, an anthropologist at North Carolina State University who led a forensic-anthropological study on fingerprints.

Researchers, whose work is published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, examined the right index fingerprints of 243 individuals and was able to determine the self-claimed race of the individuals by looking at level 2 details of their fingerprints.

Forensic anthropology is an applied subfield of biological anthropology that applies the scientific methods of biological anthropology to the medicolegal process. The forensic anthropologist can render a biological profile or composite of an individual by providing accurate information such as age at death, sex, estimated living stature, ancestry, osteologicalpathology, trauma, and other biological information that is crucial to the identification process.


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