Incarceration of Immigrants

Premiere DateOct 7, 2015
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04:50 The Daily Beat pt. 2 Incarceration of Immigrants
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This week on the Daily Beat: We take a look at our justice system in America and speak with experts on how to improve false incarceration.

Today on the Daily Beat, Wednesday October 7, 2015: American attorney Steve Downs discusses the many existing cases of the U.S. federal government’s policy of preemptive prosecutions of innocent people. The presentation was part of a panel discussion on “Resisting Profiling, Preemptive Prosecution and Prisoner Abuse, A citizens hearing to confront repression of human rights and civil liberties by the criminal justice system.”

The panel presentation focused on repressive legal practices in the criminal justice system have affected civil liberties and human rights of Arab, Muslim, African American, South Asian, and all immigrant communities and the broader social justice movement.


Host Lisa Autz
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