Labor Day Special

Premiere DateSep 7, 2015
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00:00 The Daily Beat Intro
00:20 The Daily Beat pt. 1 People on the streets
02:05 The Daily Beat pt. 2 Best jobs people have had
06:00 The Daily Beat pt. 3 Worse jobs people have had
11:55 The Daily Beat Outro
12:09 Troubles Will Be Gone The Tallest Man On Earth
15:08 Finish

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Today on the Daily Beat, Monday September 7, 2015: Listen to our Labor Day Special episode. Lisa Autz hits the streets of NYC to learn about the best and worst jobs out there that people have had as their occupation. We hear an eclectic mix of stories from people–everything from Lobster fishing on a boat in Maine to working in Finance and cleaning up nasty burger grease. Today you can enjoy a treat in listening to the great diaspora of occupations that are out there.


Host Lisa Autz
Lisa Autz is a staff writer, as well as Host of The Daily Beat and Co-Host of Third Eye Weekly. Lisa has a background in journalism and economics. She enjoys working on stories that shed light on the…