Vegan Tattoos

Premiere DateAug 28, 2015
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04:50 The Daily Beat pt. 2 Vegan ink
06:30 The Daily Beat pt. 3  Animal adoption, art shows and more
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This week on The Daily Beat: We look into the health hazards and different alternatives in tattoo ink.

Today on the Daily Beat, Friday, August 28, 2015: Check out our interview with Dina Dicenso, owner of a vegan tattoo shop called Gristle in Brooklyn, NY.

We speak with Dina about starting her own vegan small business. We also learn more about the entire vegan process in giving tattoos and more about the animal products used in regular tattoos. Dina also hosts art exhibits and animal adoption events that bring together a community of vegans, animal lovers, artists and more.


Host Lisa Autz
Lisa Autz is a staff writer, as well as Host of The Daily Beat and Co-Host of Third Eye Weekly. Lisa has a background in journalism and economics. She enjoys working on stories that shed light on the…