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Today Think Progress published an article titled “Mark Zuckerberg’s New Political Group Spending Big On Ads Supporting Keystone XL And Oil Drilling.”

The article’s authors, Josh Israel and Judd Legum, write:

Mark Zuckerberg’s new political group, which bills itself as a bipartisan entity dedicated to passing immigration reform, has spent considerable resources on ads advocating a host of anti-environmental causes — including driling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and constructing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.


Today Jezebel published an article titled “Women Can Finally Pray Alongside Men at Israel’s Western Wall.”

The article’s author Katie J.M. Baker writes:

An Israeli court ruled today that women can legally pray and wear prayer shawls at Jerusalem’s Western Wall, despite the best efforts of Orthodox Jews who want the holy site to remain a boy’s club until the Red Sea parts once more, and probably even after that.

The decision follows years of controversy, which heightened in recent months after police became fond of arresting women from the feminist group Women of the Wall for draping themselves in prayer shawls and reading aloud from the Torah alongside men. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu actually had to assign Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky to broker piece between the ultra-Orthodox minority and the majority of Conservative and Reform Jews around the world.


Today Think Progress published an article titled “Washington Republicans file bill to legalize discrimination against LGBT people.”

The article’s author David Edwards writes:

A bill filed by a group of 12 Republican state senators in Washington would allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT people based on religious or “philosophical” beliefs.

Earlier this year, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against a florist who said that she could not supply flowers for a gay couple’s wedding “because of my relationship with Jesus Christ.”

In response, state Sen. Sharon Brown (R) and 11 other of the 23 Republicans in the Washington state Senate want to legalize discrimination against gay and lesbian couples with Senate Bill 5927. The measure goes far beyond religious exceptions, allowing business to discriminate based on “philosophical beliefs” or even “matters of conscience.”