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Today The Raw Story picked up an AFP article titled “TSA delays plan to allow knives on planes.”

The article reads:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said it was postponing a controversial change in rules which would have allowed passengers to carry small knives on planes.

The TSA last month said it was relaxing its rules on pocket knives — banned on aircraft since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks — in order to bring US rules into line with international regulations.

However the move prompted an outcry from pilots, flight attendants and airline executives.

In a statement released on Monday, one week after the twin bombings of the Boston Marathon, the TSA said it was delaying implementation of the rule change, which had been due to take effect on April 25.


Today Reuters published a story titled “Myanmar frees 56 political prisoners day after sanctions dropped.”

Reuters reports:

Myanmar’s president announced an amnesty on Tuesday for about 100 prisoners, a senior official said, 56 of whom were confirmed as political detainees by a group monitoring activists held in the country’s jails.

The release is the latest in a series of amnesties decided by reformist President Thein Sein and came a day after the European Union lifted all sanctions on Myanmar excluding an arms embargo.


Today Think Progress published an article titled “One High Schooler’s Fight Against Abstinence Ed: ‘If I Can Succeed In West Virginia, Anyone Can.'”

The article’s author Tara Culp-Ressler writes:

As George Washington High School’s student vice body president, Katelyn Campbell believes it’s her responsibility to stand up for her classmates. That’s why, when her public school’s administrators brought a conservative religious speaker to advocate for “God’s plan for sexual purity” at a mandatory assembly, the West Virginia teen began to speak out against the “slut-shaming” messages that she doesn’t want at her school. Now, after Campbell’s story has inspired strangers from around the country to offer their support to her cause, she has a message for other teens: Don’t give up the fight for comprehensive sex ed.

“No one should have to feel alone or afraid of repercussions for doing the right thing,” Campbell told ThinkProgress. “If I was able to succeed in the socially-conservative state of West Virginia, then anyone can.”