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Today Queerty reports “Support For Gay Marriage Has Increased In Every State By 13.6%.”

The article states:

According to a new report by the Williams Institute, every state has seen increases in support for same-sex marriage over the last eight years.

The report, Public Support for Marriage for Same-sex Couples by State, reveals each state’s current level of public opinion and how it has differed since 2004.


Today the trailblazing but controversial Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died at the age of 87, CNN reports.

President Obama tweeted:

“She stands as an example to our daughters that there is no glass ceiling that can’t be shattered.”

Slate also published an article titled “Muscular Feminism.”

The article’s author, Lionel Shriver writes:

Margaret Thatcher was a real feminist. Not for what she said but for what she did. She did not pursue justice for her gender; women’s rights per se was clearly a low priority for her. She was out for herself and for what she believed in. If we had more feminists like Thatcher, we’d have vastly more women in Parliament and the U.S. Senate, as well as more trees and fewer tedious television talk shows. More “feminists” like Thatcher, the first woman to lead a major Western democracy, and young women would be clamoring to be called one, too.

Helen Lewis of The New Statesman points out:

There will be much discussion about Margaret Thatcher’s role as Britain’s first female prime minister in the coming days, and whether she can be considered a “feminist icon”. It’s probably worth remembering the Iron Lady’s own thoughts on the subject:

‘The feminists hate me, don’t they? And I don’t blame them. For I hate feminism. It is poison.’


Linda Hallman of the American Association of University Women wrote a blog post for Huff Post Women titled “Don’t Just Get Mad About the Gender Pay Gap, Do Something on Equal Pay Day.”

Hallman writes:

Another year has passed, and yet the pay gap remains stubbornly in place. Today, it stands at 23 cents, meaning that women, on average, are paid 77 percent of what men are paid — an average that’s even lower for black and Hispanic/Latina women.