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On Tuesday the National Rifle Association revealed its “National School Shield” program, which recommends schools train teachers and staff to carry guns.

Well already three criminologists have offered a critique of the plan.

According to The Center for Public Integrity, “two professors at Marshall University in West Virginia who are studying incarcerated school shooters and one professor at The Citadel, South Carolina’s military school, published their jointly written critique this month in the American Journal of Criminal Justice.”

Susan Ferriss writes:

“To prevent school violence, society must first address troubled youth who have easy access to weapons,” the authors wrote, calling the NRA’s ideas “superficially simple” with risks of negative consequences.


Yesterday Reuters published an article titled “Cuba ballet says seven dancers defected in Mexico last month.”

The article states:

Seven members of the National Ballet of Cuba, one of the communist-led country’s proudest and most prestigious institutions, defected last month while the troupe toured Mexico, a spokesman for the ballet said on Wednesday.


Yesterday Time published an article titled “A Mom Asks Mattel to Make Party Supplies Featuring ‘Barbies of Color.'”

Karen Greene Braithwaite, the proud mother of a five-year old girl named Georgia, posted a petition on last month encouraging people to request Mattel start producing party supplies featuring Barbies of color. Mattel has responded to the petition via social media saying “We work closely with our partners to develop and distribute Barbie products such as party supplies,” and “We will be sharing your valuable feedback with them to start conversations and evaluate the business.”

According to the article in Time:

Georgia turned 5 on Monday. With her party this weekend fast approaching, Braithwaite realized that scratching the Barbie theme would make the most sense, but didn’t have the heart to disappoint her daughter. “I wasn’t ready to explain to a 4-year-old that she wasn’t going to have the party she wanted because she was black,” says Braithwaite.