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Yesterday The Good Men Project republished a story from Buzzfeed titled ” 8 Studies That Debunk Gender Stereotypes.”

Among the first gender myths debunked is the idea that men are naturally more rational and less emotional than women.

According to the article, “Harvard med school researchers found that young boys smiled, cried, and laughed more to researchers than girls did. By elementary school, boys become less likely to express sadness or distress, perhaps because of the influence of parenting and culture.”

And while women are often stigmatized as jealous and conniving as romantic partners, the articles maintains “statistics from McAfee show that men are more likely to obsessively check in on their partners online.”


Yesterday we reported that the U.S. flew stealth bombers over South Korea in response to North Korea’s escalated aggression.

Well late last night Reuters published an article titled “North Korea pushes up state of missile site readiness: report.”

Reuters reports:

Increased activities involving vehicles and troops at North Korea’s mid- and long-range missile units have been detected by South Korea’s military, Yonhap news agency said on Friday, just hours after the North’s leader ordered rocket units to be ready to attack U.S. bases.

This report from South Korea has yet to be verified by Reuters.


Today Think Progress published an article titled “New York City Council Reaches Deal To Give Workers Paid Sick Days.”

The article’s author Annie-Rose Strasser writes:

After years of debate, the New York City Council has finally come to an agreement on paid sick leave legislation. It is now poised to pass a bill that would require any company with more than 15 employees to provide five days of paid leave annually, and any company with fewer employees to give 5 days of unpaid leave.

Check out Public Advocate Bill de Blasio on the subject of paid sick leave circa 3/15/2013.