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We’re supplementing yesterday’s coverage of DOMA and Prop. 8 with more transcripts and audio from the Supreme Court proceedings.

Plus, check out this particularly inspiring clip from the oral arguments courtesy of Upworthy.

Also, yesterday The Raw Story published an article titled “Creator of drone causalities visualization hopes data will ‘shock’ people.”

According to the article, “Wesley Grubbs of Pitch Interactive told HuffPost Live on Tuesday that he created an interactive graph of the U.S. drone campaign in Pakistan to highlight civilian causalities.”

Eric W. Dolan writes:

The data visualization illustrates the number of casualties from drone strikes in Pakistan between 2004 and 2013, categorizing the victims as either children, civilians, alleged combatants, or high-profile targets. The graph is based on data from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the New America Foundation.

Watch the interview and check out the infographic on HuffPost Live.


Today Voice of America published an article titled “Moscow Offices of Human Rights Watch Searched.”

The article reads:

Russian authorities searched the Moscow offices of U.S.-based Human Rights Watch on Wednesday, the latest in a wave of inspections targeting non-governmental organizations.

Officials from the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office and the tax control service also searched the offices in the Russian capital of Transparency International, the Berlin-based anti-corruption watchdog.

According to the article, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law last July requiring NGOs that receive overseas funding and engage in “political activity” to resister with the Justice Minster as “foreign agents. Critics of the law say it is meant to intimidate Kremlin opponents.

On Monday, Russian officials also searched the Moscow headquarters of Amnesty International.

Earlier this year, Human Rights Watch published a report stating  that “the Kremlin in 2012 unleashed the worst political crackdown in Russia’s post-Soviet history.”


Yesterday The Raw Story published an article from The Christian Science Monitor titled “Homeland Security seeks student hackers to help counter cyberthreats.”

The article reads:

There are “new and rapidly growing threats” of a cyberstrike to the US homeland – perils that will require hundreds of young, college-age hackers to counter an alarming number of daily incursions into the nation’s electrical grid and financial networks, says Department of Homeland Security (DHS) head Janet Napolitano.