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Color of Change is petitioning to get the TV show COPS off the air.

According to the petition, “After 25 years on the air, COPS could finally be pushed out of primetime. FOX executives will be meeting shortly to decide whether to renew the controversial show. With its history of dehumanizing and racially inflammatory portrayals of people of color, COPS paints a damaging and distorted portrait of crime and the criminal justice system.”

The petition also reads:

When COPS launched in 1989, it quickly came under criticism for its intentional focus on Black, Latino and low income neighborhoods and its highly selective portrayal of race. Content analysis performed in the mid-nineties revealed that “reality” crime programs like COPS tend to over-represent whites as police officers and under-represent Blacks and Latinos as authority figures, while also under-representing whites and over-representing people of color as criminals.

Research shows that these images linger in the subconscious of viewers, creating “unconscious attitudes” and “implicit biases” about both race and class, influencing public support for more punitive approaches to problems. Against the real-world backdrop of an American culture that views young men like Trayvon Martin and Jordan Russell Davis with suspicion — and places like New York where in 2011 there were more than 700,000 incidents of “stop and frisk” targeting Black and Latino males — the stakes couldn’t be higher for our families and communities.


Fourteen leading UK charities have come together under The Disaster Emergency Committee to help the millions affected by the crisis in Syria.

According to The Disaster Emergency Committee:

Two years of war have had a devastating impact on many Syrian families and have left more than four million people in need of aid.  In many parts of the country the health system has effectively collapsed, water supplies have been cut and food is in short supply.

In addition, over one million people have now fled to the neighbouring countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. Refugees are arriving at camps which are already stretched to capacity, and many families are living in crude shelters they have built themselves, with host families in overcrowded conditions or in partially finished buildings.


On Monday, Mother Jones reported that Fox News contributor Steven Crowder made a joke about how rape survivor Ashley Judd’s “obsession” with rape is “unnerving.

Here’s what he said Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference:

Mother Jones points out that the “obsession” with rape might stem from the fact that Judd herself is a three-time rape survivor, who has been very vocal about the rape crisis in the U.S and abroad.

The article also notes that Judd’s comments about Apple came not from a tweet, but in a “long essay about the angst she felt about using products that came from conflict zones.”