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Today we have another story courtesy of

Seth Freed Wessler writes:

A year and a half after the Associated Press exposed the New York Police Department’s sprawling surveillance program targeting Muslims, three civil liberties groups have detailed the corrosive impact the program had on the students, families and worshippers who were watched.

The report, “Mapping Muslims: NYPD Spying and its Impact on American Muslims,” documents a pervasive sense of anxiety and self-censorship in area Muslim communities. The 57 students, business owners, educators and community leaders quoted in the report also expressed a fear of police and city officials that permeated nearly every aspect of their daily lives.


Today Reuters reports:

Roman Catholic Cardinals begin a conclave on Tuesday to elect the Church’s 266th pontiff and a successor to Pope Benedict, who abdicated unexpectedly last month.

Here is a schedule of events.

Today The Raw Story ran an AFP article about the blossoming new media revolution in Afghanistan.

The article reads: is the latest product of a media revolution in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban regime — which banned television, music and cinema — and the station’s bosses hope its bold programmes will attract younger viewers.

Nearly 12 years of development since the Taliban were ousted in 2001 have left many urban Afghans with a taste for globalised pop culture and a striking knowledge of celebrities from Beyonce to Justin Bieber.

Check out the site here.


Today Salon. com published a story titled “Anger at NYPD after shooting of 16-year-old boils over in streets: Riot cops locked down a Brooklyn area after a vigil for Kimani Gray erupted in unrest.”

Natasha Lennard writes:

On Saturday night undercover cops in Brooklyn shot dead 16-year-old Kimani Gray. According to the cops, the teen pointed a gun at them. According to Gray’s friend with him at the time, the cops “jumped out of the car so fast… They started shooting him and he went down.” Another friend who witnessed the incident told the New York Post, “He was running for his life, telling the cops, ‘Stop.’” Reports vary as to how many police bullets hit Gray — between six and 11. The 16-year-old didn’t fire any shots. On Monday night, nearly 100 people gathered for a vigil to commemorate the teenager.

The vigil became a scene of unrest as attendees marched towards the NYPD’s 67th Precinct, with reports of bottles thrown at police, upended garbage cans and smashed store windows. According to reports, a portion of the crowd looted a local Rite Aid, assaulting a customer. Dozens of police in riot gear moved in and surrounded the area.

As we speak there is another protest and march underway in Brooklyn. Check out the Facebook event for more details.