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This morning The Washington Post reported that the man behind the infamous 47 percent video finally revealed himself.

Rachel Weiner writes:

Scott Prouty revealed himself on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” Wednesday night as the man who shot a damaging video of Mitt Romney dismissing President Obama’s supporters during a closed-press fundraiser last year.

One of the most influential figures in the 2012 election, the bartender who secretly filmed Romney at a private fundraiser in Boca Raton, Fla. last May had been anonymous until now.


Yesterday CNN published an article titled ” Saudi Arabia beheads men for stealing.”

The article reads:

(CNN) – Seven men were executed by beheading Wednesday in Saudi Arabia for stealing, according to SPA, the official Saudi New agency.

The deaths came a day after the United Nations called for the kingdom not to carry out the punishment, in part because the men had allegedly not been given fair trails. The U.N. said the men were reportedly accused of organizing a criminal group, armed robbery, raiding and breaking into jewelry stores in 2005.


Today The Raw Story published an article titled “Fox station apologizes after celebrating Women’s Day with footage of boobs.”

David Edwards writes:

The Fox station in Connecticut is apologizing after its news team used generic footage of a woman’s breasts for a report on International Women’s Day.

On at least two occasions on Wednesday, Fox Connecticut marked an event hosted by the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women with B-roll of a woman in a low-cut top, but the shot was closely cropped to reveal only her breasts and cleavage.

“FOX CT apologizes for today’s file footage error,” the station tweeted on Wednesday afternoon. “We will continue to recognize great contributions of women in CT and around the world.”