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Today marks the anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death and Think Progress has put together an update on the case against George Zimmerman.

Here’s what you may have missed.


Reuters reports:

Atheists, humanists and freethinkers face widespread discrimination around the world with expression of their views criminalized and subject in some countries to capital punishment, the United Nations was told on Monday.

In a document for consideration by the world body’s Human Rights Council, a global organization linking people who reject religion said atheism was banned by law in a number of states where people were forced to officially adopt a faith

“Extensive discrimination by governments against atheists, humanists and the non-religious occurs worldwide,” declared the grouping, the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) which has some 120 member bodies in 45 countries.

The International Humanist and Ethical Union also said that in Afghanistan, Iran, Maldives, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Sudan “atheists can face the death penalty on the grounds of their belief” although this was in violation of U.N. human rights accords.

IN OTHER NEWS points out that two prominent actors of color were left out of the Oscar’s in memoriam reel.

A tribute to trailblazing Latina actress Lupe Ontiveros:

And Native American activist and actor Russell Means: