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Yesterday The Guardian published an article titled “Florida executes mentally ill man despite constitutional prohibition.”

The article’s author Ed Pilkington writes:

Florida has executed a schizophrenic man who believed that he was the immortal prince of God vested with superhuman powers including an ability to control the sun, despite the US constitution’s prohibition against putting mentally ill people to death.

John Ferguson, 65, was killed by lethal injection at 6pm on Monday. Earlier in the evening the US supreme court declined to hear a final petition from his lawyers. Although there was overwhelming evidence that the court’s own interpretation of the US constitution was being disregarded, the justices gave no explanation for their decision to remain on the sidelines and allow the killing to go ahead.

Today AFP published an article titled “Gag order bars US children from fracking talk.”

The article reads:

Under an oil company settlement reached in the US state of Pennsylvania, two children, aged seven and 10, were told that any talk of fracking is a no-no.

Under the 2011 settlement, unsealed last week, plaintiffs Chris and Stephanie Hallowich were explicitly told that an attendant lifetime gag order — under which they were never to discuss the Marcellus shale basin or fracking — also applied to their children.

Today The Raw Story published a Reuters article titled “U.S. tells its citizens in Yemen to leave immediately.”

The article reads:

The United States told its citizens in Yemen on Tuesday to leave immediately and ordered the evacuation of non-essential U.S. government staff because of the threat of terrorist attacks.

The State Department announcement was the latest warning since Washington issued a worldwide travel alert on Friday that prompted the closure of several Western embassies in Yemen and U.S. missions across the Middle East and Africa.

Based on intelligence including intercepted communication between al Qaeda leaders, Washington has warned of possible attacks in the region.


Today AFP published an article titled “Hungary gang convicted for Roma killing spree.”

The article reads:

Four Hungarian far-right extremists were sentenced to jail Tuesday over the killings of six members of the Roma minority, including a child, in a wave of racist attacks using guns, grenades and Molotov cocktails.

A Budapest court sentenced brothers Arpad Kiss and Istvan Kiss and Zsolt Peto to life for the murderous spree between 2008 and 2009, while their driver Istvan Csontos received 13 years as an accomplice.

The four men, who hatched their plans in a pub in Debrecen in northeast Hungary, are hard-core football fans with neo-Nazi links.

AFP also published an article today titled “Pro-Pussy Riot priest murdered in Russia.”

The article reads:

A man stabbed to death an elderly Russian priest who was deeply critical of Orthodox Church leadership and had supported the activist punk rock group Pussy Riot, investigators said Tuesday.

Pavel Adelgeim, 75, died late Monday in the northwestern Pskov region from a stab wound to his heart, regional investigators said.

A man, born in 1986, was arrested on suspicion of murdering the priest but stabbed himself as he was being detained. He has now been hospitalised with lung damage and investigators were waiting to interrogate him.

Today Queerty published an article titled “Gay Russian Teen Reportedly Dies After Being Kidnapped, Tortured By Neo-Nazis.”

The article reads:

An unidentified gay teen (pictured) who was kidnapped, bullied and tortured by a group of Russian skinheads has reportedly died as a result. According to Eastern European LGBT advocacy group, Spectrum Human Rights Alliance (SHRA), Putin’s government “seems to fully condone” this violence.

Russian neo-Nazis have been luring gay male teens through the social network only to subject them to a series of humiliations they film and distribute online. Victims have been left traumatized with some committing suicide, but it’s unknown whether this latest victim died from his injuries or if he took his own life.


Yesterday CNN Money published an article titled “Loans for day care issued to New York City parents.”

The article reads:

Child care is so expensive in New York City that City Council Speaker and mayoral frontrunner Christine Quinn is launching a loan program to help middle-class parents pay for daycare.

City Council Speaker Quinn unveiled a pilot program Monday to provide subsidized child care loans to families that she described as “middle class.” Her office describes the plan as the first of its kind in the U.S.

Parents with children aged two to four will be able to receive loans of $11,000, at a 6% interest rate. Applicants must have an annual income of between $80,000 to $200,000, and a credit score of at least 620, according to Quinn’s office. Their finances will be reviewed by financial counselors from the Neighborhood Trust Credit Union, which will administer the loans.

Today Queerty published an article titled “Tammy Baldwin And 84 Other Democrats Call For End Of Gay Ban On Blood Donations.”

The article reads:

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin — not for nothing, the first openly gay Senator ever — rallied 84 other Democrats for a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius urging for an end to the lifetime ban on gay men donating blood.

“Our current policies turn away healthy, willing donors, even when we face serious blood shortages,” the Dems wrote. “Furthermore, the existing lifetime ban continues to perpetuate inaccurate stereotypes against gay and bisexual men, and fosters an atmosphere that promotes discrimination and discourages individuals from seeking HIV and treatment services.”

Yesterday Think Progress published an article titled “Female Service Member Slams Air Force’s Victim-Blaming Sexual Assault Poster.”

The article reads:

Pay attention to your surroundings.” “Be prepared to get yourself home.” “Socialize with people who share your values.” These are just some of the suggestions for women listed on an anti-sexual assault advisory poster in the female bathroom of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, under the header “Preventing Sexual Assault Is Everyone’s Duty”:

Jennifer Stephens, an armed forces veteran and battalion commander in the Ohio National Guard who works on the base, took issue with what she felt was a harmful message conveyed in the poster. “I think this is part of the reason victims are afraid to report incidents,” she said in an interview with Business Insider. “If you’re a victim and you’ve done one of the things on that list, you now feel like it’s your fault that you were sexually assaulted.”