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On Saturday Mother Jones published an article titled “Zimmerman Has Been Found Not Guilty. Now What?

The article’s author Lauren Williams writes:

Now that the verdict is in, here’s what could happen next.

Federal charges: The Department of Justice launched an investigation last March to investigate whether Martin’s shooting amounted to a federal hate crime—that is, if Zimmerman followed and killed Martin because he was black. In July 2012, the FBI released a statement saying that investigators had found no evidence that Zimmerman was motivated by racism. The July statement indicates that federal charges are highly unlikely, but the DOJ has not announced that the case is closed. It’s still being brought up as a post-trial possibility. NAACP president Benjamin Jealous, for instance, said Saturday on MSNBC that “there are still additional legal avenues. He could still be charged with federal civil rights charges.”

Civil lawsuit: Martin’s family reached a settlement in April with the homeowners’ association of the subdivision where the killing occurred. The details of the settlement were not made public, but the Orlando Sentinel reported that the family was “said to” have been awarded at least $1 million. The suit did not include Zimmerman, but the family’s attorney Benjamin Crump has said that the family intends to sue their son’s killer at some point in the future. It’s not uncommon for families to seek a form of justice through civil courts, even when a the defendant is acquitted in criminal court. And the standards for judgments are different in such civil cases.

For a glimpse into the public reaction of New Yorkers to the Zimmerman verdict, check out today’s photo blog.


Today Al Jazeera published an article titled “Bangladesh overhauls factory safety laws.”

The article reads:

Bangladesh has approved a new labour law to strengthen employees’ rights and improve workplace safety, following a factory building collapse that killed more than 1,100 people.

Parliament passed the “historic” legislation, drawn up in the wake of the factory collapse in April that spotlighted appalling conditions and the lack of rights for workers at the country’s 4,500 garment factories.

The new law “ensured full trade union rights” for millions of labourers, including those in factories making clothes for Western retailers, the head of the parliamentary committee on labour issues said.


Amnesty International put out a call to “Stop Warren Hill’s Execution in Georgia.”

According to Amnesty International:

Warren Hill is due to be put to death in Georgia, USA, on July 15. All seven experts who have assessed him now say that he has ‘mental retardation’, which would make his execution unconstitutional. His lawyers are asking the US Supreme Court to step in. Call on Georgia’s Attorney General to support that effort.