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According to the BBC, drones or unmanned aerial vehicles could soon be used for all sorts of civil and commercial missions.

Matthew Wall writes:

Rapid advances in camera, sensing, aeronautics, battery and autopilot navigation technologies have helped make UAVs affordable, easy-to-operate and increasingly reliable for individuals, civil authorities and businesses alike.

Livingston-based Cyberhawk, a company that specialises in aerial inspections for companies such as Shell, Total, Statoil and ExxonMobil, saved one of its clients £4.6m last year after its UAVs were able to inspect a drilling derrick while it was still operational.

Many countries around the world have authorised the use of fixed-wing and rotary UAVs for civil purposes, such as border control, police surveillance, fire-fighting, search-and-rescue, land management and topographical surveys.


Yesterday NPR reported that Syrian rebels won’t be getting arms from the European Union – at least for now.

Also, an op-ed published in The Hindu says the Ethiopian government is leasing lands to companies from India, China, Malaysia, and other countries. The Ethiopian government claims the lands are empty, but Ethiopian activists say these lands are occupied or used by pastoral and small farming communities.

According to The Hindu article, there is no public consultation with local communities (much less their consent), many of whom find out that their pastures or fields have been sold off only when bulldozers arrive. Any form of resistance or even questioning is met with imprisonment, beating up, and even killing.


Journalist Eric Pape will create a  journalistic graphic novel about acid attacks on women abroad.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

According to The Raw Story, Obama will become the first serving US president to receive Israel’s presidential medal.

In other news for Israel, new figures released by Israel’s Ministry of Health indicate a disheartening 55% increase in HIV infections since 2005, according to Queerty.

Queerty reports:

The rate of HIV infection among gay Israeli men is 4.5 times  that of  their heterosexual counterparts. The health department—which has increased programs to combat the epidemic—also reports upticks in other STIs among gay men, including gonorrhea and syphillis.