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Today The Raw Story published an article titled “California prison guards retaliating against hunger-strikers, lawyers say.”

The article’s author Rory Carroll writes:

Prison guards are trying to break a hunger strike involving thousands of prisoners in California by blasting cells with cold air, confiscating legal documents and, in one case, banning lawyers, according to legal representatives and relatives.

Authorities have taken the action, it is alleged, in retaliation for a strike which entered its 12th day on Friday, piling pressure on the state’s troubled penal system. Lawyers say the health of the men is being put at risk.


Today BBC News Technology published an article titled “Apple, Google and other tech giants demand spying openness.”

The article reads:

Apple, Google and dozens of other technology companies have urged US authorities to let them divulge more details about security requests.

The companies want to be able to report regular statistics about the nature and scope of what data is being asked for.


Today Think Progress published an article titled “Two Ways North Carolina Republicans Plan To Keep College Students From Voting.”

The article’s author Ian Millhiser writes:

Two months after the Republican-led North Carolina House approved a voter ID bill, a common tactic used to reduce turnout among low-income, student and minority voters, Republicans in the state senate, however, apparently believe this bill does not go far enough in making it difficult for college students, who tend to vote for Democrats, to cast a ballot. According to the Charlotte Observer, senate Republicans plan to eliminate half of the forms of ID a person can show in order to cast a ballot under the house bill — including “cards from UNC system colleges [and] state community colleges.”