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Monday The Kansas City Star published an AP article titled “More Missouri inmates alleging forced fights to amuse guards.”

The article reads:

Attorney Daniel Brown told KMOX Radio that nearly a year after the original lawsuit was filed, eight inmates and former inmates of the Medium Security Institution have come forward, and 30 others are seeking to join the lawsuit.

The city denies the allegations.

Brown says surveillance footage shows inmates being led into a cell looking fine and coming out beaten and bruised.


Monday Amnesty International published an article titled “USA must not persecute whistleblower Edward Snowden.”

The article reads:

The US authorities’ relentless campaign to hunt down and block whistleblower Edward Snowden’s attempts to seek asylum is deplorable and amounts to a gross violation of his human rights Amnesty International said today.

“The US attempts to pressure governments to block Snowden’s attempts to seek asylum are deplorable,” said Michael Bochenek, Director of Law and Policy at Amnesty International. “It is his unassailable right, enshrined in international law, to claim asylum and this should not be impeded.”


Tuesday The Raw Story published an AFP article titled “Support for same-sex marriage at record high in U.S.”

The article reads:

Support for same-sex marriage in the United States has hit a record high just days after landmark US Supreme Court rulings on the issue, a poll showed Tuesday.

According to a survey published by the USA Today newspaper, 55 percent of participants against 40 percent said they believed same-sex marriages should be recognized as valid, with couples granted the same rights as heterosexual couples.

The only two demographic groups where a majority remained opposed to same-sex marriage were Republicans (68 percent) and people over the age of 65 (51 percent).