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Today The Atlantic Wire published an article titled “Rick Perry Revives Abortion Bill, Sets Up a Bigger Showdown with Wendy Davis.”

The article’s author Dashiell Bennett writes:

A day after a controversial abortion bill was defeated in epic fashion, Texas Governor Rick Perry has brought it back to life, calling for a new special session of the Texas legislature in order to reconsider it. The bill will be on the agenda when the State Legislature reconvenes on July 1, only this time, Wendy Davis and her fellow liberals will have a much tougher time stopping it from becoming law.

The bill — which bans all abortions after 20 weeks or pregnancy and enacts tough new restrictions on clinics — was defeated when time ran out the last special session, thanks mostly to Davis and her 13-hour-long filibuster on Tuesday. (By law, special sessions must end after 30 days and may only address specific agenda items.) Opponents had managed to keep the bill off the floor during the regular legislative session earlier in the year, but the unique rules of the special session allowed it to come to vote.


Today HuffPost Lifestyle United Kingdom published an article titled “Twenty Years on From Seminal Conference on Human Rights in Vienna, it Appears it Was a False Dawn for Women’s Rights Protection.”

The article reads:

On this very day, 20 years ago, the first UN meeting on human rights since the end of the Cold War took place.

When the agenda was released, the Global Campaign for Women’s Rights saw that women’s concerns were nowhere on the agenda. It was business as usual. They decided to challenge the utter marginalisation of women’s human rights issues.

In the lead up to the conference, women from all parts of the world shared their stories of being victims of violence, violence that the state often ignored as merely a ‘private’ matter. Even when women were being raped in detention, it was seen as a private crime, not an act of torture.


Today The Bronx News 12 published an article titled “City Council approves NYPD oversight with Community Safety Act.”

The article reads:

Changes are coming to the NYPD after the City Council voted in favor of the Community Safety Act.

Following hours of debate through the night, council members decided in favor of the bill, which will ban discriminatory police profiling, and will appoint an inspector general to oversee the police department. That person will have subpoena power and the ability to make recommendations, but will not be able to force any policy changes.

The bill also received enough votes to override an expected veto from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has been a staunch opponent of any additional NYPD oversight. He says it will keep officers from doing their jobs, pointing out a steep drop in crime citywide over the past decade.