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Today Think Progress published an article titled “Texas Legislator Claims Rape Kits Are A Form Of Abortion.”

The article’s author Annie-Rose Strasser:

In the midst of all the chaos on Sunday night as the Texas legislature pushed through a series of stringent restrictions on abortion and women’s health, it was easy to miss what might have been the most inaccurate and dangerous claim of the evening: One state representative tried to argue on the State House floor that rape kits are a form of abortion.

Texas Rep. Jody Laubenberg (R) sponsored several anti-abortion measures currently making their way to the Governor’s desk. Taken together, they would shut down the vast majority of the state’s women’s health clinics and criminalize abortions after 20 weeks. But in reasoning out why she did not support an exemption for rape victims in the 20-week ban, Laubenberg betrayed a woeful lack of information on the procedures a victim of rape undergoes — namely, the “rape kit,” which is used to collect data on the assailant and in no way relates to pregnancy.


Yesterday The Raw Story published an AFP article titled “Turkish transgender people join popular protest marches.”

The article reads:

Hundreds of Turkish transsexuals and rights activists staged a protest in Istanbul on Sunday against the conservative government of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The annual march came after weeks of unprecedented anti-government protests in Istanbul, the capital Ankara and other cities over what is seen as Erdogan’s increasingly authoritarian rule.

The nearly 1,000 protesters set off from Taksim Square, the epicentre of the protest movement, along a main Istanbul shopping street carrying signs with slogans such as “being transsexual is not a disease.”


On June 19th, Queerty published an article titled “New Federal Study Proves It’s Harder To Rent An Apartment If You’re Gay.”

The article reads:

A new federal study has found that gay couples have a harder time finding a place to rent together than straight couples. And if you think this is a problem confined to East Jesus, Texas, think again. The study focused only on 50 metropolitan areas.

The study, produced by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), relied on a simple test. Researchers responded to online apartment ads with two emails. One purported to be from a heterosexual couple. The other seemed to come from a same-sex couple. The emails from the fake same-sex couples regularly received fewer responses than those from the supposed straight couple. Gay men were more likely not to get a response than lesbian couples. Altogether, the researchers conducted more than 6,800 tests. The researchers found no pattern in the treatment that was related to the size of the metropolitan area.