Joe discusses videos of Van Jones at CPAC and Bryce Harper's monstrous 13-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies.
Dr. Steve Billet immediately returns to discuss Michael Cohen's testimony before the House Oversight Committee. Note: This interview was recorded at 1 p.m. ET.
Joe discusses why the possibility of Joe Biden's presidential run is less than exciting.
Dr. Steve Billet joins the show to discuss U.S. policy with Venezuela and the possibility of military intervention. Dr. Steve Billet is the Director of the Legislative Affairs Masters and Chief of…
In Part 2, Matt Breunig explains parental leave under the Family Fun Pack plan and the importance of prioritizing family benefits in the United States.
Matt Bruenig joins the show to discuss People's Policy Project's proposal of a comprehensive set of family welfare benefits called the Family Fun Pack.
In Part 2, Eoin Higgins explains why he believes Sanders won't win the Democratic nomination, but would beat Trump if he did.
Eoin Higgins returns to discuss his recent piece for Vice exploring why Bernie Sanders' 2020 run could be a lot more difficult that 2016.
Reporter Dave Colon joins the show to discuss how on-the-ground activism helped derail Amazon's planned HQ2 in Long Island City, Queens.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss Donald Trump declaring the "border crisis" a national emergency and the constitutional concerns it brings up.
Joe discusses why mainstream journalists like CNN's Manu Raju insist on asking about tweets and think moaning about Trump's racism is good…
Fellow BTRtoday staff writer Elena Childers joins the show to discuss sampling Russell Stover's $5 Valentine's Day heart-shaped chocolate box.
In Part 2, Ryan Cooper discusses Bernie's standing in the Democratic Party and addresses on criticism against Sanders that seems to stick.
Ryan Cooper joins the show to discuss accusations of racism against Bernie Sanders in the wake of his State of the Union response faux-controversy. Ryan Cooper (@ryanlcooper) is a National Correspondent for The Week and co-host of Left Anchor.
Joe discusses Candace Owens' viral (and extremely dumb) comments about Hitler's nationalism.
Chris France joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring why fears of fainting during blood donation are exaggerated.
Dr. Steve Billet returns to discuss what to expect during Trump State of the Union address tonight. Dr. Steve Billet is the Director of the Legislative Affairs Masters and Chief of Staff of the…
Joe discusses the joylessness of the Patriots winning yet another Super Bowl, as well as a few of the more interesting prop bet results.
In Part 2, Gia Nardini discusses how companies will continue to market experiences and products towards our growing tendency to document them.