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You've just tuned in to The Daily Beat! This week on the Daily Beat: We look into the launch of Clowns Without Borders with director Molly Levine. Today on the Daily Beat, Friday January 29, 2015:The performance of being a clown in war-stricken areas has unexpectedly attracted audiences of more than 700 children, proving to there is a great need for clowns and entertainment in crisis situations.  Clowns Without Borders offers humor as a means of psychological support to communities that have suffered trauma. We speak with Molly Levine, who joined Clowns Without Borders in late 2013. She has an enthusiasm for and belief in what happens at the intersection of performing arts and humanitarian aid. "Molly graduated from Global College- Long Island University with a B.A in Global Studies; a concentration of human rights activism and violence against marginalized ethnic people. Molly is a project coordinator, facilitator, teacher, event producer, burning man enthusiast, with an unhealthy delight in making the impossible possible." - ClownsWithoutBorders. 00:00 The Daily Beat Intro 00:19 The Daily Beat pt. 1 - Molly Levine 03:45 The Daily Beat pt. 2 - Performing Arts 09:20 The Daily Beat pt. 3 - Humanitarian Aid 11:04 The Daily Beat Outro 11:09 Neptune Sun - Ghost Ease 15:25 Finish
We continue the conversation by looking into the proven psychological support laughter has on the human mind.
How Clowns Without Borders is now organizing in twelve countries hoping to send at least one hundred projects throughout the world each year.
Part two with Molly Levine on how Clowns Without Borders goes to refugee camps to bring laughter and joy.
We look into the launch of Clowns Without Borders with director Molly Levine.
Our final segment on alternative/functional medicine bringing balance back into our medical system
Our society is experiencing a sharp increase in people suffering chronic diseases, functional medicine attempts to heal from the source.
We speak with Sarah Josey, a clinical herbalist and nutritionist, on how her work parallels that of the functional medicine movement.
We continue the conversation with Sarah Josey, clinical herbalist and nutritionist, to learn about functional medicine as a roadmap to navigating the systems that cause disease.
We chat with Sarah Josey, clinical herbalist and nutritionist, about the mechanisms behind alternative medicine that help heal disease at the source of the issue rather than treating the symptom.
Ellen Bass gives advice for young poets to be intrigued by the "ordinary" or over-looked aspects of our lives and discusses more of her recent book of poetry, Like a Beggar.
Unique poetic techniques and tools are revealed in this interview with Ellen Bass as she breaks down her poem, "What Did I Love?".
Driving forces of poetry, such as small moments of every day life, are what Ellen Bass speaks upon as muses for her poetry.
Part 2 with Ellen Bass’s most recent book of poetry, Like a Beggar, and the way poetry can be a tool for investigation.
An interview with award-winning poet Ellen Bass about love, truth, and butchering chickens.
We learn about the initiatives by Blue Zones to make American cities more fit and healthy environments.
We learn about fitness and diet benefits of a plant-based nutritious from Dan Buetter, a National Geographic Fellow and author of Blue Zones.
Dan Buetter, author of Blue Zones, speaks with us about creating a Blue Zone Certification program to create easy, healthy choices in a community.
Part 2 with Dan Buetter, a National Geographic Fellow and multiple New York Times bestselling author, on how to life long lives like centennials.
Dan Buetter, a National Geographic Fellow and multiple New York Times bestselling author, discusses the five places in the world where people live the longest, and are healthiest and happiest.
Discussion on the Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations system attempt to mainstream the dimensions of sustainable development throughout its work.