Premiere DateNov 2, 2017
00:00 Mic Break
02:04 Mr. Debtor (Nigeria) King Bucknor Jr. & Afrodisk Beat 79
16:43 My People (Nigeria) Oghene Kologbo
21:01 Okamin (Japan) Ajate
26:51 Mic Break
28:05 Long Time Coming (Ghana/France) Blitz The Ambassador ft. Patrice
32:14 O Tio (Mo Laudi’s Deep Afro Mix) (South Africa) Mo Laudi
37:21 Yaounde Girls (Cameroon) Mystic Djim & The Spirits
43:12 Keep On Moving (Sweden) Music Is The Weapon ft. Mira Palme
46:12 Barbara (Germany) Dem Juju Poets
50:39 Mic Break
52:18 Them Who Walk Slow (Germany) Renegades Of Jazz
56:41 Va A Llover (USA) Continental Drift
62:02 Fela (Greece) Afrodyssey Orchestra
66:46 Icy (USA) The Macrotones
69:59 More Sekele Movement (Papa Ni Mama) (France) Pasteur Lappé
76:23 Mic Break
76:40 Drup (France) Nuri
81:24 Chérie Nata (France) Marabout Orkestra
84:47 Volcano Vapes (USA) Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
87:56 Ago Kae Medze (Togo) Wini & Fefe
93:17 Eyong Erong Uwa (Nigeria) The Visitors
98:09 Kurifuna (Germany) Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers
105:09 Zis Nu De (Australia) Grace Barbé
108:37 Mic Break
110:58 Air (France) Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra
116:51 Finish

DJ Meredith is taking you on a sonic adventure around the world on a journey through sound, introducing a fresh, new lineup of bands & artists!  Let’s open the show with ‘Mr. Debtor’ from Nigerian artist King Bucknor Jr. & Afrodisk Beat 79! Enjoy new & rare grooves as we check out Blitz The Ambassador, Pasteur Lappé, Continental Drift and so much more!

Music Is The Weapon / Sweet Choral Motion


Dem Juju Poets / Liberated Thoughts


Continental Drift / The Tide


Meredith is a DJ/producer born and raised in Staten Island, NY. She was always a collector of vast amounts of music and grew up listening to all styles, from Afrobeat to hip-hop to reggae. Growing up in the big…