Week of 09/07/17

Premiere DateSep 7, 2017
00:00 Mic Break
02:03 Fire Break Ya Bones Afrobeat Orchestra
09:09 Fatige Grace Barbé
13:37 Salute Alárìíyá
19:47 Mic Break
20:05 Mana Minga They Must Be Crazy
26:35 Sweltering Heights Sure Fire Soul Ensemble
29:43 Gold Rush Antibalas
40:28 Mic Break
40:59 Race Hustle Chicago Afrobeat Project
44:53 Ensemble FunkiFive Band
50:03 Descarga Uno Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra
53:35 Muévelo Papi (Suonho Remix) Bahama Soul Club
57:38 Mic Break
58:16 Kumina (Solo Moderna Remix) Bopol Mansiamina & Justo Valdez De Son Palenque
64:19 Diaraby Nene (Dr. Strangedub’ s Dropping Mali Remix) Oumou Sangaré
69:39 Africa (Gigi Testa & Felix Combo Wpm Remix) Salif Keita
76:35 Mic Break
76:56 Osiris Rising Wanlov The Kubolor ft. Donia Touglo & Worlasi
82:42 Jammu Africa (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix) Ismael Lo
89:06 Musu Maramba Toumani Diabate
93:11 Jane Achieng Kajulu Boys
97:24 Yere Tete Abetee K. Frimpong’s Band
100:19 Mic Break
101:11 Folon Salif Keita
105:02 Finish

DJ Meredith is taking you on a sonic adventure around the world on a journey through sound, introducing a fresh, new lineup of bands & artists! Let’ s open the show with title track ‘Fire’ from Paris based band, Break Ya Bones Afrobeat Orchestra! Enjoy new & rare grooves as we check out Grace Barbé, Antibalas, Chicago Afrobeat Project and so much more!

Grace Barbé / Welele!

Alárìíyá / Alárìíyá

Antibalas / Where The Gods Are In Peace

Meredith is a DJ/producer born and raised in Staten Island, NY. She was always a collector of vast amounts of music and grew up listening to all styles, from Afrobeat to hip-hop to reggae. Growing up in the big…