Woke Up With An Open Heart

Premiere DateOct 13, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
01:35 Albatross Born Ruffians
06:00 35 Bill Callahan
09:45 Caught in the Middle Alex the Astronaut
12:35 Whisper Wildwood HESS
16:52 My Girl The Finest Eyedress
20:01 Mic Break
22:04 Baddies Lanterns On The Lake
24:57 Rush Squirrel Flower
27:58 Steal Away Mapache
30:28 My Friend Dan Deacon
35:33 Remote Hamerkop
39:44 How Long Was I Gone Arbor Labor Union
43:36 Mic Break
47:34 Bliss Out Death Valley Girls
50:54 Tall Window Doghouse Reilly
53:49 Heart In Head Out Terence Jack
57:15 I Woke Up With An Open Heart (Radio Edit) Lost Horizons
60:55 The Time Will Come Dolly Valentine
63:40 Sweet Freak Frankie and the Witch Fingers
67:54 Emerald Yves Jarvis
71:37 Minnesota Samia
74:38 Mic Break
75:56 Belles Marques Martin
79:34 I've Got A Vision Rae Fitzgerald
82:30 These Lips Are Mine Dolly Valentine
84:53 Gus The World Famous Grassholes
87:58 Sage Slight Of
94:57 Blood & Thunder Laura Jane Grace
96:56 Don't You Be Quiet Photo Ops
100:20 Outro
102:00 False Alarms Josiah Johnson
108:14 Sentimental Saddle Born Ruffians
112:54 End

A great show bookended with Born Ruffians tracks and lots of other great music. New Death Valley Girls, Terence Jack and Laura Jane Grace. Also, happy birthday to my husband! Do you want a birthday shout out? I can make that happen for you — hit me up on Twitter.

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