What To Say, How To Say It

Premiere DateOct 20, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
01:20 Calendar Song Laura Jane Grace
03:34 Second Sight Buck Meek
07:28 Unlucky Stars The Goodbye Party
10:58 Seasons Rafael Vigilantics
14:47 I'll Drive HESS
19:52 Lost The Goodbye Party
22:48 Mic Break
25:10 Yeah Yeah Yeah Cayucas
32:42 Your Tree Anjimile
35:26 Wine Friends Okey Dokey
39:27 Try Me Warm Doghouse Reilly
44:45 New Music Another Michael
48:01 Bird’s Eye Dirty Projectors
52:46 Mic Break
57:20 Why Kant I Be You Laura Jane Grace
59:48 Stone Meadows Main Bartees Strange
63:39 Somewhere Song Sung
70:21 Sound in Dream Reed Burnam
72:59 The Universe Death Valley Girls
77:30 For Props Yves Jarvis
81:12 Rainbow Superfriends Born Ruffians
84:26 Don't Bother Mountain Lydia Loveless
89:21 Mic Break
91:21 Orange Pink Danny
94:28 Sunblind Fleet Foxes
98:35 The Ocean Bob Mould
102:30 Sugar Sufjan Stevens
110:02 Waterlily Deradoorian
112:08 Cool Mom Warren Dunes
116:11 Outro
118:26 Outta Here Will Butler
123:10 Travelin' Kind Victoria Bailey
127:17 End

Lots of new music on today’s ep including Fleet Foxes, Victoria Bailey and BTR’s Artist of the Week Laura Jane Grace. Tunes and a little discussion on whether or not those black squares on social media have helped spark change. Don’t forget to make your voting plans and wear your mask.

Also, here is the link for the video I mentioned regarding the black squares from Chrissy Rutherford.

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