Welcome, December!

Premiere DateDec 1, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
01:34 Are We Alright Again Eels
05:15 Almighty Heat Mamalarky
08:44 Bonnie Half Stack
13:06 Karolina Jack Name
16:15 5 am
19:13 Tried To Tell You The Weather Station
22:47 Mic Break
24:34 Sunday Girl James Thomson
28:59 No Studying Dirty Projectors
31:24 Beautiful Dream Falcon Jane
33:55 Twisted Up Ali Barter
36:50 Walking With the Moon Told Slant
39:06 7 Billion Marina Kaye
42:58 Springtime in a Strange Place Emily Edrosa
46:04 Mic Break
48:23 New Skill Henriette Sennenvaldt
52:45 Rosalina Tiña
56:01 Feel You Anna McClellan
60:41 In Love Again Yukon Blonde
64:57 Tonight Katy J Pearson
68:48 I Don't Care Malin Pettersen
71:53 June Jane Migraine
74:59 Mic Break
76:50 Split the Sky Alex the Astronaut
80:53 Slow Love Adeline Hotel
85:53 Heartbeat Oceanator
89:42 Hit The Road H. Kink
91:52 Maybe the Weather L.A. Witch
94:35 High Horse Samantha Crain
98:42 Bliss Out Death Valley Girls
101:59 To Meet You There Anjimile
106:12 You Are A Piece Of Me, You Are A Piece Of Her El Ten Eleven
112:37 Outro
114:13 Faithful Hound Mr. Ben & The Bens
117:38 Ocean I Swam carmen canedo
121:32 END

It’s December and the end of the year is upon us. Check out what will be some of the last new music of this year. Also, I share some the tracks I enjoyed from the second half of this year. Lots of great music on today’s ep! Tune in for Eels, Mr. Ben & The Bens, Henriette Sennenvaldt and more.

Plus, I share some thoughts on shopping small and supporting businesses that really benefit from you shopping with them. Here are some links to make supporting minority owned businesses a little easier. These links are just starting points, by no means exhaustive, but I hope they help.

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