Top Artists of 2020 (Part 2)

Premiere DateDec 15, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
02:12 Hear the Bells Calexico
06:01 Yours. To Be Tim Burgess
08:38 Traffic! Katy Kirby
12:10 Faking It Laura Groves
16:01 Like A Lady Pom Poko
18:44 Mic Break
19:56 Cracked Up Over You Don Bryant
23:02 A Woman's Touch Don Bryant
28:11 How To Be Good Dolly Valentine
31:17 Everywhere, Love Dolly Valentine
34:31 Mountain Song Laura Jane Grace
37:29 Calendar Song Laura Jane Grace
39:44 Golden Lady Sauerkraut Merce Lemon
40:57 Dragon Friends Merce Lemon
43:25 Mic Break
45:50 growing pains Nyallah
48:47 Smoking Mirror Nyallah
53:48 Just Shy of Sure The Beths
58:03 Dying to Believe The Beths
61:36 Kitchen Annie Hamilton
65:10 Oxygen Annie Hamilton
68:09 Migration Of Souls M. Ward
71:33 Coyote Mary's Traveling Show M. Ward
75:03 Mic Break
77:17 Tell Me What's True Anna Burch
81:00 Can't Sleep Anna Burch
85:27 Opportunity Kevin Krauter
88:57 Patience Kevin Krauter
92:47 Fire Waxahatchee
96:20 Arkadelphia Waxahatchee
101:06 Outro
103:23 suffer Son Little
108:08 o clever one Son Little
111:43 neve give up Son Little
115:24 End

It’s part two of my look back on the top artists of 2020. As mentioned, check out the BTR Top 10 with Emily as she will be counting down the artists of the year. Also, When We See Each Other, which has great interviews and music, can be found here.

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