Time To Wake Up!

Premiere DateSep 29, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
01:18 You Create Yourself Dirty Projectors
04:07 Operator Marques Martin
07:28 Mask of Yesterday Deradoorian
11:26 So it Goes Evangeline Gentle
15:21 Take The Long Way Photo Ops
19:37 In Your Eyes Anjimile
22:43 Mic Break
26:26 Gef Crake
29:36 Americana Slight Of
33:43 Runaway LCG & the X
37:08 Back on the Farm Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
40:40 You Are A Piece of Me, You Are A Piece of Her El Ten Eleven
47:06 Divine Jordana
49:46 Honey Corey Flood
51:55 Mic Break
54:29 How To Be Good Dolly Valentine
57:36 The Mackenzies Bill Callahan
62:23 Phantom Birds Matt Berry
64:59 Hey Kid Josiah Johnson
75:07 Fickle Heart Hollow Fortyfives
79:14 Don't Let Me Get Away Hey, King!
82:25 Mic Break
83:14 Everlast Rae Fitzgerald
86:16 Real Love Beat Radio
90:32 Know Better The Moonless Nights
93:08 Limbo Bitch Samia
96:27 Let Me Be A Flower Child Fionn
100:13 It's Infinite Lomelda
103:06 Outro
105:35 Christmas in July Alex the Astronaut
108:56 Happy Song Alex the Astronaut
113:05 End

Remember that old Green Day track “Wake Me Up When September Ends?” Don’t love it, but it comes up a lot around this time of year. There are some parodies about 2020, in case you are interested in those. New music to try and start this new month off on the right foot.

As I’ve said pretty consistently the last few eps, election time is upon us. If you want to/are able to volunteer in this election season, you can find some info here.

Also, here’s an article about white privilege that I think is worth reading.

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