The Great Gold Sheep

Premiere DateNov 3, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
02:14 Gloomy Lupin
05:48 Trash Pandicoot Ilithios
10:11 What's The Matter Esther Jeremy Ivey
13:59 She Keeps Me Chance Wiesner
17:45 Career Day Keaton Henson
22:24 Mic Break
23:51 Think B4 U Spk Ilithios
25:57 He Was a Detective Yknow Mo Douglas
28:42 Seven Hours Helena Deland
32:04 Found It Terence Jack
35:40 Thanks To You Extra Special
38:44 The Least Impossible Gord Downie
41:18 The Moon On Mars Weekend Lovers
45:15 Mic Break
47:39 Frankie, My Love Night School
50:56 To Meet You There Anjimile
55:10 Incandescence Secret Sun
59:26 The Great Gold Sheep The Mountain Goats
64:23 Superego Lunch Money Life
68:30 Play For Time Kate Teague
71:35 Mic Break
73:08 Made Up My Mind Divino Niño
77:06 pocket piano Ela Minus
79:08 Moto X Couch Prints
82:50 Oh No! Oh No! Mariya May
86:53 Sin Tomberlin
91:24 let them have the internet Ela Minus
93:13 I Would Find You Oceanator
99:07 Man Of Doom Matt Berry
102:22 Heartbreak Jazz Brigid Dawson and The Mother’s Network
108:50 Outro
110:23 Cinderella Rubber Band Gun
113:52 I Guess This Is Life Jordana
117:24 End

This show comes out on Election Day 2020. Lots of tunes for waiting on a voting line. Music from Ilithios, Weekend Lovers and The Mountain Goats.

Mentioned in the show:
ACLU info on voter suppression.
Divino Niño on BTRtoday.

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