September Feelings

Premiere DateSep 8, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
01:21 Guard The Baby Dirty Projectors
04:00 Wasted Tomberlin
06:27 Heart of Mine All We Are
10:12 End Of The World H. Kink
12:48 In The Trees Again Mo Douglas and Mariya May
15:33 Lazy Summer Sophia St. Helen
19:32 Mic Break
21:32 At All carmen canedo
26:18 Forgot Allegra Krieger
31:32 Little Late Busty And The Bass
35:21 Starred L.A. Witch
38:11 Meditations Young Jesus
44:47 Dumb Driver IAN SWEET
47:51 Cigarettes and Whiskey Buffalo Rose
54:25 love at first sight The Front Bottoms
58:26 Mic Break
60:30 Saffron Glimpse Alex Izenberg
64:16 Stolen Careful Liela Moss
67:54 Ocean Sea Will Johnson
70:50 Everywhere, Love Dolly Valentine
74:05 Hall of Songs Slight Of
78:44 Devastating Map Helvetia
83:20 Mic Break
84:36 Breadwinner Widowspeak
88:38 Wisteria Jaye Bartell
92:37 Tough For You Samantha Crain
96:19 Big Jordana
98:42 Dragon Friends Merce Lemon
101:13 Breathe Morgan Harper-Jones
104:30 Together Or Alone Courtney Marie Andrews
108:22 That Emotion Hannah Georgas
112:32 Double Hearted Madeline Kenney
115:25 Outro
117:18 Coyote Mary's Traveling Show M. Ward
120:48 Sing Me To Sleep Hey, King!
124:52 E N D

Lots of music and lots of feelings on today’s show. Come along for the emotional roller coaster! Music from the artist of the week, Helvetia, as well as L.A. Witch, The Front Bottoms, Merce Lemmon and more.

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