Run Away With Me

Premiere DateOct 6, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
01:34 I'm Fine Born Ruffians
03:35 I'm Magic Killola
06:14 Kiss Me Drew Citron
09:30 You Fell Through Danny
12:37 Song For John Prine Reed Burnam
15:41 Mic Break
16:29 Neither Of Us Evangeline Gentle
20:27 Rare Air Mildlife
27:13 Good Plates Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
30:05 Daughter Lydia Loveless
34:53 Everyone's a Critic Fionn
38:14 Let's Move To The Country Bill Callahan
41:14 Champion Of The Beach Cayucas
44:42 Astral Travel on Layaway Reed Burnam
47:36 Mic Break
48:38 San Francisco Alex the Astronaut
52:04 Aerostar Video Age
56:20 Shore Fleet Foxes
60:10 King of the Hill Suit of Lights
63:12 Monk's Robes Deradoorian
67:52 My Life In Pictures Reed Burnam
71:24 Get Famous the Mountain Goats
74:41 Mic Break
76:36 I Had A Choice Josiah Johnson
82:04 Hotel Worth Gord Downie
84:59 And Away We Go Photo Ops
89:21 The Ghost of John Fahey Reed Burnam
92:07 Run Away With Me Sufjan Stevens
96:11 Outro
98:21 Crossing Nebraska Ilithios
101:15 The Subtle Incline/Crossing Nebraska Allison Langerak and Wyatt Tuzo
106:30 The Subtle Incline (Nebraska The Long Way) TheJLM
115:51 End

Great music on this week’s ep including three tracks from The Subtle Incline: A Collaborative Songwriting Experiment. Wanna be my Fitbit friend? Find me on Twitter and let me know.

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