Right Down the Middle

Premiere DateSep 15, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
02:09 Suburban Dream Honey Cutt
04:47 Cool For A Second Yumi Zouma
07:54 I Can't Stay The Same Vanessa Carlton
11:32 Hey You Born Ruffians feat. Maddy Wilde
14:34 Money's No Option Circles Around The Sun
19:51 Mic Break
22:01 Astral Plane Mr. Ben & The Bens
25:16 Water 8 Inch Betsy
28:55 Waiting On You Josiah Johnson
34:04 Morrow carmen canedo
37:17 Waverly Samia
40:01 Florist Ilithios
43:50 Long Drive Home Double Grave
48:02 Mic Break
50:24 Night Time Creatures Lawn
53:36 Old Flowers Courtney Marie Andrews
57:18 Friends in the Floor Swampmeat Family Band
60:26 Inclined Will Johnson
63:24 A Montreal Backstreet Pawns or Kings
68:47 Semula Yves Jarvis
71:45 Bungalow Heaven Dent May
75:01 Chance On Me Mavis Staples
79:11 Mic Break
81:38 It's Lomelda Lomelda
85:25 Children Jonathan Bree
88:46 Lemonade (feat. Alfie Templeman) Circa Waves
92:24 (un)knowing Young Jesus
96:30 Solve Problems Josiah Johnson
98:41 Just Shy of Sure The Beths
103:00 Men H. Kink
105:25 Cowboy Bill Callahan
109:43 Moon, If Ever Dirty Projectors
111:58 Far Away From You Jordana
114:40 Outro
116:39 LA Delicate Steve
119:14 Dream Delicate Steve
122:44 END

It’s the middle of the month and we’ve got lots of new music plus a throwback set with music from March, when we thought quarantine would be a short two weeks. We start with our throwback block and close out with a new single from Delicate Steve. Much more to hear in the middle – check it out!

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