Pre Thanksgiving Get Stuff Done Playlist

Premiere DateNov 24, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
02:07 On The Road Katy J Pearson
07:04 Moon & Sea Told Slant
12:34 Play Along Yukon Blonde
17:01 Fatal Ribbon Highway James Thomson
22:44 The Thick Side Mo Douglas
25:59 190bowery Jackson Motors
28:39 Mic Break
30:16 Like Real Power Henriette Sennenvaldt
36:21 Postcard from Spain (feat. Frances Quinlan) Quarter-Life Crisis
39:49 À La Porte De Demain Population II
42:45 Double Life Marina Kaye
47:05 Until Now, All Is Well (feat. Laetitia Sadier) The Nix
50:59 Beautiful Dream Falcon Jane
53:31 Mic Break
55:40 As Many Candles As Possible The Mountain Goats
59:00 One For Regret (feat. Porridge Radio) Lost Horizons
61:07 Valentina feat. Khloe Anna The Nix
65:10 Hard To Conceal the soods
67:58 August Shadows Ilithios
71:41 Disclaim Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
74:51 Logan Jane Migraine
78:26 Bygones Keaton Henson
84:15 Mic Break
86:14 KO Kid Lupin
90:33 Dark and Dramatic Eels
94:02 N19 5NF Ela Minus
95:57 Trouble Chubby and the Gang
98:37 Grand Palace RJD2
102:25 I Came to Tell You In Plain English (I'm Leaving You) Jack Name
106:40 Don't Turn This Bus Around Terence Jack
111:09 Outro
113:05 How To Be Good Dolly Valentine
116:12 Rooster Tiña
120:09 End

Music for all your last minute to do list items, including signing this petition to hold the Biden administration accountable!

This will be some of the last new music for the year and it’s really good stuff! Tracks from Yukon Blonde, Ilithios, Lupin and more.

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