New Month, New Music

Premiere DateAug 4, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
02:16 Hit The Road H. Kink
04:30 Paws Off H. Kink
06:49 Blur Grand Pax
10:10 growing pains Nyallah
13:07 Get Precious Yukon Blonde
16:12 Mic Break
18:48 Guaranteed Jordana
21:24 Somewhere for Something Pawns or Kings
25:44 If I Told Courtney Marie Andrews
30:35 i'll always be the man otta
33:33 Do You Want Me Now The Beths
37:57 Minor Keys Mr. Ben & The Bens
41:58 Wiesner's First Light Chance Wiesner
44:13 Mic Break
46:07 Change My Mind Liza Anne
48:40 Never Needed Anyone Mavis Staples
52:58 Stronger Mavis Staples
56:55 You're Twisting Mariya May
60:29 Interplanetary Tàte Ö-Tàte Good & Cool
66:01 For Life Lou Canon
71:47 Patience of Mind Tough Age
75:34 Mic Break
77:17 Green Delicate Steve
79:29 Ontario Keaton Henson
83:57 Footnotes Land of Talk
87:28 Victim Yves Jarvis
92:11 I Could Use a Miracle Dent May
96:19 How You Get Hurt Courtney Marie Andrews
100:37 I Should’ve Known Owen
104:10 Outro
105:16 Swimmer & Swerve Prince Joely
110:09 Moonlight DEHD
113:33 E n d

It’s a new month and I am sharing music that is both new and new to me!

Maggie is everywhere and nowhere. Her favorite color is pizza and her favorite food is candy. She has been involved with BTR behind the scene for a while now, and as of March 2020, is the host of the weekly…