Music For Sleeping, And Waking

Premiere DateAug 25, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
02:27 Cherry Tree Sam Evian
06:28 Puddles Merce Lemon
11:15 Welcome Allegra Krieger
15:03 Permission To Pass Jaye Bartell
18:57 The Boyfriend George McFall
21:43 Cafeteria Believer Reliant Tom
26:30 Mic Break
28:40 Confident and Sensitive Child Denison Witmer
32:48 Those Eyes Merce Lemon
35:13 Step Back The Coathangers
37:50 Muy Muy Chico Juan Wauters
40:01 The Void Woods
42:12 Hunter Becca Mancari
44:58 Requiem Alex Izenberg
48:56 Mic Break
53:15 This Chaos, That Feeling Liza Anne
56:47 Only The Truth Johanna Warren
61:42 Ashamed Francis of Delirium
65:23 Someone Else's Fault Courtney Marie Andrews
68:34 Mean Love Anna St. Louis
72:35 Self Design Dirty Projectors
75:41 First Man H. Kink
78:27 Mic Break
80:51 Two Characters In Search of a Country Song Country Westerns
84:09 Josephine Rey Pila
87:23 VOODOO SUCCESS Kairos Creature Club
91:20 Disclaim Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
94:28 I'm Fine Born Ruffians
96:29 Drooling Rey Pila
100:09 Single For The Summer Christian Lee Hutson
104:01 Another Day Kyle Forester
108:44 Ordinary Boy Ultraísta
113:36 Outro
115:12 Some Kind of Calm Ohmme
119:48 September Katie Malco
123:18 E N D

As a sleep deprived person I listen to music to go to bed and wake up; here are tunes for both. Which tracks are sleepers for you? Tweet at me about it, @othermaggie.

Mentioned in the show, here is the link to some GoFundMe pages for community fridges, which have been popping up quite a bit as of late. Also mentioned, a link for some reading on learning more about fighting implicit bias and becoming antiracist. Check out this page and others, bookmark it and return, this is a process.

Finally, don’t forget to confirm your voter registration. If you plan to vote by mail, request your ballot early so you have plenty of time to mail it back. More info here.

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