Music for May

Premiere DateMay 12, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
01:33 Clove Cigarette Andy Shauf
04:24 Dust Kids Andy Shauf
06:59 Hung Up On Me Honey Cutt
10:15 Judas Waltz Honey Cutt
14:10 Coyote Mary's Traveling Show M. Ward
17:42 Chamber Music M. Ward
20:52 Mic Break
21:51 One & Own Bloodshot Bill
23:50 Empty Day Wave
26:59 One More Chance Little Shrine
30:29 Out Of The Lights Trementina
33:31 Suggestions Jaunt
36:58 Automatic Changer Dead Ghosts
41:19 that's the way Son Little
45:34 Mic break
48:33 Compelled Land of Talk
51:44 Expectations Tall Tall Trees
56:22 Kalimotxo Nathan Kalish
59:16 Into The Trees Ellis
63:16 Time and Place Fran
66:56 Talking In My Sleep A is for Arrow
70:12 Work It Out Hazel English
74:41 Can't Sleep Anna Burch
79:13 Mic break
81:41 How Good Pure X
83:56 Jagged Coast Aaron Beckum
87:05 Birthday Cake Circa Waves
91:21 Play & Rewind Reliant Tom
94:48 Thru Yr Teeth Johanna Warren
98:33 I Got You Singing (A Capella) Mariya May
100:53 Slow Train Kevin Morby
106:45 Mic break
108:18 Bumblebees Ultraísta
113:30 Sunflower My Baby
120:23 END

Lots of newer music on today’s playlist – hopefully you can enjoy it in the sunshine (if that’s your thing). Also, check out the video featuring Honey Cutt on BTR Live Studio.

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