M is for many things

Premiere DateMar 10, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
01:07 suffer Son Little
05:52 Misery Odetta Hartman
09:02 M For Magic Lomelda
10:14 M For Mush Lomelda
11:56 The Healing Flora Hibberd
15:26 Mic Break
16:59 Breakfast Sandwich Ryan Michael Block
22:04 The Spin Mount Sharp
25:54 Tiny Lil Robots Dressy Bessy
28:58 Sister Lunch Lady
31:20 Kill All The Rats H. Kink
35:07 Mic Break
37:11 Heart on Fire Alice Boman
41:13 Become A Mountain Dan Deacon
45:08 Barricade Elliot Moss
49:01 Now That I'm Back Frances Quinlan
52:19 Never Happened James Supercave
55:58 Patterns Mr. Elevator
61:28 Ghost Delicate Steve
64:03 Mic Break
65:50 Kel Tinawen (Ft. Cass McCoombs) Tinariwen
69:45 Fool Villagers
72:52 Opportunity Kevin Krauter
76:30 wildfire Hand Habits
80:38 The Television Music Supervisor Destroyer
84:46 Streetlight Blues Squirrel Flower
88:19 Falling Down Real Estate
92:52 Mic Break
94:08 Good Luck Diane Coffee
97:30 Anyway Gabrielle Marlena
100:31 The Glow Pt. 3 Bonnie "Prince" Billy
103:52 Any Day Now Luke Lalonde
107:09 Outro
109:28 o clever one Son Little
113:06 End

This week’s episode starts and ends with Son Little and has a bit of everything in between!

Bonus: We recently premiered a video from H. Kink. See it here.


Maggie is everywhere and nowhere. Her favorite color is pizza and her favorite food is candy. She has been involved with BTR for a while now, and as of March 2020, is the host of the weekly podcast Super Superb.