Let's Not Leave This Life Broken

Premiere DateNov 17, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
01:40 Birch Tree Drew Citron
05:05 You Were Mine Yukon Blonde
09:46 Older Weekend Lovers
13:11 better way Field Medic
15:37 Allow to Cool Mo Douglas
18:33 Mic Break
20:55 Feelings Falcon Jane
24:39 Living In Hysteria Rubber Band Gun
29:42 Mountain Song Laura Jane Grace
32:41 Change E Emmy The Great
36:59 Harbor Lupin
40:37 Rising Star Secret Sun
45:01 Long Dream HESS
47:52 Mic Break
50:01 Make You Feel Blue Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys
53:21 Walk With You Oceanator
57:37 Hey Dena Death Valley Girls
61:15 bundle of hyacinths Field Medic
64:11 The Gentle Souls Eels
68:07 My Car is Parked in Canada Extra Special
71:45 Mic Break
74:09 Let's Not Leave This Life Broken AMANDALA
77:41 Sweet Coffee Madeline Kenney
81:12 Alone Marina Kaye
84:43 One Plus Two Promise
87:48 Waylaid (feat. Hannah Georgas) Born Ruffians
93:01 Floor Tomberlin
97:33 Ambulance Keaton Henson
101:47 Long Way Home Jade Jackson
105:27 Away From Love Georgia Maq
108:16 Outro
109:33 When This Blows Over John Calvin Abney
113:49 Sad Mo Mo Douglas
118:23 End

Mid-month and according to the world outside it’s a COVID filled holiday wonderland. Tracks to get through the day from Field Medic, Weekend Lovers, Emmy the Great, and more! Also, you can listen to the Hip Hop Show from Wayne Ski here for his tips on how to avoid confrontation this holiday. Below are some links in the event that confrontation can’t be avoided. We don’t all have that one uncle who makes racists/sexist/homophobic jokes, but a lot of us do and being that election season STILL isn’t over, this could be a politically charged holiday coming up. Click the links and prepare to shut down the hateful language.

Southern Poverty Law Center // Speak Up: Responding To Everyday Bigotry 
Amnesty International // How To Tell Someone You Love They’re Being Racist
How White People Can Talk To Each Other About Disrupting Racism

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