Keep Moving Forward

Premiere DateJun 9, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
02:27 Young People Are The Future The Good Ones
05:19 Jet Plane Why Bonnie
08:12 Miss U Gemma
12:04 Opportunity Kevin Krauter
15:37 Mic Break
17:31 Blue Spring Tenci
21:27 Heaven Sent Varsity
25:08 I Call On Thee Deerhoof
28:24 Not A Runner Momma
31:52 Strange To Explain Woods
35:24 When My Day of the Crone Comes Brigid Dawson and the Mother's Network
38:07 perfect world Ada Lea
42:39 Mic Break
43:22 Sparks Fly Waxahatchee
46:25 Solid Zonk Lesser Gonzalez Alverez
49:40 Burdens High Waisted
53:31 Twin Soul Christian Lee Hutson
57:15 Daddy Mirabelle
61:11 Cherry Tree Xenia Rubinos
67:11 The Good Thing About Time Little Shrine
70:12 Make Me Better Little Shrine
73:28 Mic Break
75:36 A Song For You Kishi Bashi
79:25 Kalimoxto Nathan Kalish
82:18 Temple Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
86:24 Sway Jordana
90:24 Everything Laundry Night
94:26 Overlord Dirty Projectors
97:04 Traveler's Code of Conduct Jackie Lynn
100:58 Mountain Baby (feat. Cecile Believe) Austra
104:24 This Is Not A Drill Lanterns on the Lake
109:02 Grand Palace RJD2
112:52 Outro
113:55 Mi Giutarra Juan Wauters
116:12 Pasarla Bien Juan Wauters
118:27 E N D

Change is happening, keep pushing forward! Keep protesting, donating, and amplifying voices who should be heard. Keep learning.

As mentioned, below is a (very) short list of authors/writers of color that have given me different ways to look at my own identity, but more importantly, the stories of others.

Keah Brown
Ta-Nehisi Coates
Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw
Ashley C. Ford
Roxane Gay
Jessica Tholmer 

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