Fall Is Here!

Premiere DateSep 22, 2020
Categories Music
00:00 Intro
02:24 Duck Yourself Jordan Burchel
06:37 I CANT LIE Faith & Majesty
15:47 Indifference Baer And The Lady
22:28 Memories & Scars Kyle Keller
26:42 Mic Break
28:46 Swimming in 99 Golden Suits
34:27 Be All Be Easy Woods
37:16 Neue Welt Le Millipede
40:50 Sunset Moonrise Rae Fitzgerald
42:22 Everlast Rae Fitzgerald
45:26 Slightly Floating Trust
48:51 Hocus Pocus Animal Collective
52:07 Mic Break
53:09 Split the Sky Alex the Astronaut
57:13 Desperate Anna McClellan
59:14 Shimmer El Ten Eleven
63:31 By the Lake The Moonless Nights
67:35 Brett Kavanaugh The World Famous Grassholes
72:02 Maybe The World Famous Grassholes
74:54 Walking Under The Trees Photo Ops
78:33 Mic Break
80:31 Golden Lady Sauerkraut Merce Lemon
81:44 Javelin Unlanding Bill Callahan
85:23 What Makes Me Sad Ada Lea
88:40 Lil Peaches LCG & the X
91:59 Truth Nugget Helena Deland
95:44 Deep Feels Tall Tall Trees
100:12 Mind On Fire Dan Deacon
104:00 Good Guy Julia Jacklin
108:11 Outro
110:09 Don't Be Careless Mariya May
112:40 Tears Like A River Native Harrow
118:08 End

It’s the first day of Autumn! We are welcoming it with new tracks as well as some nostalgia inducing throwbacks. Are you an apple person or a a pumpkin person? Apple all the way for me. Find me on Twitter @othermaggie.

Some of today’s music was featured on Lottie’s latest ep of Spotlight On The City. Also, check out Photo Ops for BTR Live Studio at Home.

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